fluff sticker BLIND BAG 2022


FLUFF STICKERS!! this is my very first blind bag (hand stamped envelope) release!

Each blind bag envelope is sealed and contains (at least) ONE large (3.5" high), glossy vinyl sticker in one of the following "flavors":
Pumpkin Spice
Rainbow Holographic
Flamin' Hot

Additionally, some envelopes also include a bonus small (just under 2" high) original fluff matte finish vinyl sticker.

AND, a very small quantity of envelopes have a winning "magic ticket" that can be redeemed for the entire set of ALL FIVE of this year's large fluff sticker designs!

First photo shows all five options for sticker designs that may be found within the blind bag. Second photo shows what the outside of the envelopes look like.

* * *
PLEASE REMEMBER that these are BLIND bags! You know what this means!

But for the record: Purchase guarantees ONE large sticker, of random design.
I have no idea what sticker (or stickers) are inside each envelope. Purchasing multiple stickers (including the early bird specially priced pack of 5) does not guarantee that you will receive all the designs (or any of the extra bonuses), and you may receive duplicates.

Approximate odds of receiving each design:
Original (large): 1/3
Strawberry: 1/6
Pumpkin Spice: 1/6
Holographic: 1/6
Flamin' Hot: 1/6
Bonus mini original: 1/12
Full set of five magic ticket: 1/120

This listing is for ONE blind bag fluff sticker,
OR, while supplies last,
a discounted pack of 5 stickers at 20% off.

Additional vinyl stickers ship for free!

ships USPS letter with a postcard backing if ordered alone. stiff mailers available upon request for an additional charge.