12 DAYS OF CUTENESS gift box -- special earlybird price (includes bonus sticker!)

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We're VERY excited to release our first ever countdown/tiny gift collection box.
This box contains TWELVE small cute gifts that were designed specifically for this box!

Each gift is individually wrapped and numbered, so you can use this box as a 12-day countdown calendar for the holidays, or as a special collection of mini gifts for someone to open all at once, or over time. You can also use these to fill up a good portion of your existing advent calendar, or split the gifts up to give to different people! It's designed to be flexible and can be used in a variety of ways!

This collection was designed to be gifted to anyone who likes cute things. It contains a variety of items that include a fairly wide range of characters, products, colors, and designs. There is no unifying color scheme, or any other theme aside from it being cute. There are no swear words or scary/creepy characters in any of the items in this box, just loads of cute!

What you'll get:
-- 12 individually wrapped gifts, designed specifically for and almost entirely exclusive to this box
-- outer box to hold all the gifts, decorated with a custom sticker, elastic cord & cute box special decorative bow
-- bonus holiday chocolates/candies (each individually wrapped)
-- postcard with general instructions/options for use/gifting
-- tiny thank you card with a bonus code for the website and a chance at a migration goods gift card

Retail value of custom-designed contents: $55 (this does not include the candy, coupon code or possible gift card)

This listing does not contain any photos of the contents of the box, in case you want the items to be a surprise! If you would like a sneak peek at any of the designs inside, you can check instagram starting on 11/24 ;)

***The 12 DAYS OF CUTENESS box will begin shipping the week of 11/28. Delivery by 12/1 is not guaranteed.***

This box is US-only in this listing; if you are outside the US and interested in getting a box please use the contact page to send us a message with your location for a shipping ETA and cost estimate.