magnet or brooch, made to order!

wool/rayon and/or ecofelt with hand-stitched details. all individually cut, embroidered & assembled, so each sasquatch will be unique.

sasquatch brooches are slightly larger than their magnet cousins; magnet sasquatches are about 2" high, brooch variant is about 2.25" tall. magnets are built on very strong ceramic disc magnets; brooches are sturdy silver-plated pinbacks.

choose undecided or frowning sasquatch. both have the unifying unibrow.

due to the handmade nature of these creatures, your individual sasquatch may vary just slightly from the photo. he will still be ferociously cute though!

made-to-order items are made JUST FOR YOU when you order. please allow up to 5-7 business days (not including shipping time) for your order to be mailed.