mini hydrangeas (made-to-order)


mini hydrangeas, one of the the rarest of all migration goods :)
each bloom is individually cut by hand and all are handsewn into these dimensional flower brooches.

not to be confused with the larger hydrangea headbands, the floral portion of mini hydrangeas (not including leaves) measures approximately 2.5 - 3" in diameter.

wool/rayon felt + cotton thread + japanese glass beads. choose brooch or hairclip: locking silver pinback or silver snap clip.

+ + +

this listing is for MADE TO ORDER mini hydrangeas. choose the color which corresponds to the letter in the last photo. by nature these pieces are unique; please allow for some small variations from the photo in terms of individual flower size and exact flower placement.

please note: though these have been photographed in a couple of different light settings, the aqua (f) is a little warmer/brighter than it appears in these photos and the warm red (g) is slightly more muted than it appears in these photos.

made-to-order items are made JUST FOR YOU when you order. please allow 5-7 business days (not including shipping time) for your order to be mailed. please note: as these are all hand-sewn, there may be small variations from photos shown.

shipping for mini hydrangeas is USPS priority in the US, first class for international orders.