happy mail bundle


with the world being a little crazy, I thought it would be nice to have a little snail mail happiness to send into the world. I created a few different bundles at a special discounted price that you can choose for yourself, a friend/several friends, or all of the above.

Each bundle includes one vinyl die-cut sticker, a postcard, a bookmark, and a personalized note.

And you know I will be putting extras in these too, because I feel like we can all use some extra cute right now. In this size bundle, this can include additional postcards, stickers, and other flat surprises. $9+ value for $6, including shipping in the US. Choose from BEARS, LOVE, CRAZY CAT BEAR, CATS, & TOTORO options. You can also get a SURPRISE ME bundle, which includes the same items (diecut sticker, bookmark, postcard & note, plus extras, but my choice) for an extra $1 off.

If you're sending this as a gift, just leave a note at checkout with your recipient's address and whatever message you'd like to include on your note! If you are sending to multiple recipients, please send an email to migrationgoods(at)gmail(dot)com with the necessary addresses/messages.

*please note, a few of the BEARS bundle packs may have slightly different bookmarks— same illustrations but with rounded corners. If you’re not ok with this small variation, please choose another design!