animal pile coloring postcards // singles & one-design packs


hooray coloring!

original line drawings of piles of pudgy animals, printed in black + white on sturdy 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper. I've tested all sorts of crayons, pens & markers on this paper, and only sharpies show any bleed-through at all so far. (but the sharpie-coloring looks great, the paper absorbs the color very smoothly.)

each postcard measures 4 1/4" x 5 3/8". smooth, matte finish with more visible fibers than traditional matte paper. ECF (elemental chlorine-free), 100lb white stock. standard divided postcard back so you can mail your creation as a postcard after you're done!

this listing is for single postcards & packs of three of one design. for variety packs (and quantity pricing), please check out the variety packs listing. add-on options of envelopes (if you want to protect your colored masterpieces) or multicolor crayon-pencil utensil are also available.

envelopes are plain white and multicolor pencil-crayon is a throwback that many children of the 80s will remember -- plastic holder with 20 colored crayon-pencil pegs that you can switch in & out for a portable utensil with lots of color options. I'm describing it as a crayon-pencil because its consistency is between the two -- like a very waxy colored pencil or a very very hard crayon. photo with colored-in bunneh pile shows all 20 colors in action. crayon-pencil pegs are quite small and may be difficult for small children to switch in & out on their own. outside plastic color of the holder will vary, and may not be the same as those shown in photos!

please choose carefully from the drop down options available!

FINAL NOTE: the initial print run that arrived has the cat piles printed on a slightly different paper (not recycled) than the others -- it is a slightly brighter white, which is more noticeable in some lights, and does not have the recycled speckling. Otherwise seems to take color similarly well and is indistinguishable in weight. If you'd prefer all your postcards to be 100% recycled paper, please wait until April to order to order cat pile coloring postcards.